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Political Consulting

Every year, Jaffe Communications accepts a small number of political candidates as clients who share our vision of creating a better America. We will direct an aggressive, high-profile PR campaign for political candidates and work closely with you to develop the critical messages your team needs to win.

Our services include:

  • Polling
  • Message Development
  • Campaign Marketing
  • Internet and New Media Strategy
  • Website Fundraising
  • Website Development and Optimization
  • Email blasting and Blog Posting

Creative Services

We are extremely proud of the campaign literature we develop, as it is unique, eye-catching and drives home the key points of the campaign. We recognize that most voters only devote 5-10 seconds to a piece of campaign mail. Our creative team grabs attention and holds it.

Jaffe Communications develops walking cards, mailers in a full range of sizes, traditional letters, door hangers, print advertisements, and billboard advertising. We also coordinate bumper stickers, campaign signage, and any other collateral materials required.

We offer a turn-key operation, handling any facet of productions from design concepts to ensuring timely arrival in mailboxes.

Communications Management

As a public relations firm with extensive relationships in the media, Jaffe Communications will ensure your candidate’s messages are continually highlighted. More importantly, we will frame your slate of candidates before your opposition does.

Our services include:

  • Press Releases
  • Media Event Planning
  • Rapid Response Management
  • Speech Writing & Editing

Printing & Mailhouse Services

Turn to Jaffe Communications for professional mailers that will be noticed.

We will find the most cost-effective ways to provide the campaign with a comprehensive mail plan. We establish strict delivery schedules. We coordinate each step of production, ensuring top-quality printing, identification of specific voter lists and on-time delivery of all mail.

Voice Services

No doubt you’ve worked hard to create the right visual appearance, but has the same care gone into how your organization sounds? Jaffe Communications is pleased to offer Bernie Wagenblast, a broadcaster and voice-over artist. You’ve probably heard his work on the AirTran at Newark and Kennedy airports or in the New York City subways.

Services Include:

  • Video & Web Site Narration
  • Recorded Announcements
  • Recorded Phone Messages
  • Live Announcing for Events
  • Video News Releases
  • Radio & TV Commercials

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