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Jonathan is the managing principal of Jaffe Communications, Inc., a full-service public affairs/marketing/publishing firm that he launched in April 2003. The firm has developed a diverse client base, comprising corporations, non-profits, governmental entities, schools, coalitions and trade associations. Jaffe Communications is pleased to have long-term relationships with such national entities as Amazon, Verizon and Habitat for Humanity.

Jonathan began his career as a journalist for The Star-Ledger of Newark; he was on staff from 1990-2000. From there, Jonathan joined a national public affairs firm and was involved in a number of prominent public policy issues in Washington D.C. and New York/New Jersey. Eager to launch his own firm, Jonathan started Jaffe Communications from a spare bedroom in his house, tapping into a strong base of contacts and quickly expanding the client base.

Jonathan envisioned the firm would focus on traditional media relations. But, as the media landscape has so drastically changed over the past 15 years, Jaffe Communications has evolved into a full-service firm of diverse communications experts focused in many practice areas.

Jonathan directs a talented team that works entirely “in house,” developing complicated websites, building grassroots coalitions, coordinating expansive media and political campaigns, producing podcasts and print materials, constructing multi-platform advertising campaigns, managing trade associations, coordinating social media and SEO and, from time to time, still writing and pitching a press release.

The firm is also in the news business, accredited by the New Jersey Press Association as “working press.” Jaffe Communications operates two daily news websites covering two major cities in New Jersey, with independent, full-time journalists, as well as other publications that are designed, printed and mailed through Jaffe Communications. The firm also produces a daily eblast to its clients and other friends titled The Jaffe Briefing – a tongue-in-cheek look at the day’s news.

Jonathan continues to explore new areas of communication to ensure Jaffe Communications remains on the cusp of innovation to best serve clients. Although the firm is celebrating its 15th year, it remains steeped in the traditional keys of business success: Hard work, honesty and client satisfaction.

Jonathan is a frequent guest speaker on evolving communications. He has served on the teaching faculty of Rutgers University and Monmouth University and is a 2010 fellow of Leadership New Jersey. Jonathan is also a charter member of the Scarlet Political Action Committee, which raises and distributes money to promote Rutgers University.

Jonathan received his undergraduate degree from Rutgers University with a triple major in History, Political Science and Journalism and earned a graduate degree in international communications from New York University. He lives in Scotch Plains, NJ with his wife, Carrie, and their three great kids.


After working for years as a daily newspaper reporter and executive at a large public relations firm, Jonathan Jaffe recognized a critical void.

Journalists were eager to work with PR people who understand the inner workings of the news business and know what exactly news is. And most large, faceless public relations firms comprise people who know how to write catchy slogans, but can’t recognize the timely information that reporters need.

Jonathan formed Jaffe Communications in 2002 as a reliable and consistent resource for the media. The firm comprises former print and broadcast reporters with extensive industry experience, all of whom leverage their knowledge to generate a steady stream of news opportunities for clients.

Jonathan started in the news business at age 11, delivering The Star-Ledger. As he walked from house to house, he would read the newspaper and try to figure out what it all meant. Often, his customers would find him sitting on their stoops, wondering why the paperboy was consumed in their morning newspaper. At 18, Jonathan landed his dream job: working as a news intern at The Star-Ledger. Upon graduation from Rutgers University, Jonathan was hired as a full-time reporter at age 21, in which he covered politics, the environment, transportation, education and other critical issues in New Jersey.

But after 10 years with the newspaper and writing some 5,000 articles, Jonathan decided it was time to try something else.While journalism was his passion, Jonathan was interested in the story behind the news events he was assigned to cover. What did it take to get this hospital built? Or, why are people supporting this guy for Governor? Or, how come no one is cleaning up that contaminated property? Jonathan became intrigued with public affairs and joined a large public relations agency in 2000.

He had some thrilling assignments, from lobbying nationally for Puerto Rico to become the 51st state to coordinating 1,000-person marches in Washington, D.C.But Jonathan was still nagged by the communication gap between journalists and PR people, as many of his colleagues had absolutely no understanding of how the media works from day to day.And, thus, Jaffe Communications was founded and has steadily evolved under Jonathan’s original vision.

The firm offers a critical bridge between the media and its clients and is a trusted source of information.Jonathan’s team provides an amazing array of services – from traditional PR to next generation technologies – to serve clients and ensure their story is always told fairly.

Jaffe Communications also keeps a hand in the news business, publishing various newspapers and news websites.It is the only PR firm that is credentialed by the New Jersey Press Association as “working press” – a designation that underscores how Jaffe Communications is a true hybrid between the news and communication industries.

Jonathan has a graduate degree from New York University and has served as a lecturer at three New Jersey colleges. He is a graduate of the 2010 class of Leadership New Jersey.


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