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The Jaffe Briefing - December 1, 2017

ON THE FAULT LINE - On the official last day of hurricane season, New Jerseyans got a taste yesterday of Mother Nature's potential wrath when a 4.1-magnitude earthquake hit Delaware - the biggest news to hit that state since the birth of Joe Biden. NJ.com reports tremors were felt from New York City to Atlantic City. Unfortunately, the quake was not enough to topple the blighted and vacant Trump Plaza. Damn those quality contractors, still likely unpaid.

IN THE WINTER WONDERLAND - With hurricanes and earthquakes hopefully behind us, the state faces a new, harsh reality: Winter is coming. The state's Department of Transportation says it is armed with 228,000 tons of salt, 715,000 gallons of liquid calcium, 415,000 gallons of brine solution, 68 salt storage facilities, 540 trucks used for both spreading salt and for plowing, and an additional 2,200 plows and spreaders. Sounds impressive, with zero perspective. Let's pray for a mild winter, as some economists note the state has only budgeted $10 million for snow removal, even when a typical winter costs much, much more.
NEW BRUNSWICK - Former Middlesex County Freeholder Director David B. Crabiel, who passed away nine years ago today, was quick to remind anyone that Middlesex is "the greatest county in the land." The star continues to rise as Gov. Chris Christie nominated Middlesex County Democratic Chairman Kevin McCabe to serve as a board member of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The prestigious nomination comes at a time when Assemblyman Craig Coughlin of Woodbridge readies to assume the speakership in the Assembly. Not only is the county great, but has emerged as likely the most politically influential county in the land, as well. 

HIGH BRIDGE - Under the title of "Huh?", a former middle school teacher says he was fired after enlisting in the Army. NJ 101.5 tells of a lawsuit filed against the district, in which the teacher, who worked for the district since 2013, was heading into active duty from April through August, and would be back for this fall.  He was let go right before getting tenure, which happens after the fourth year on the job. The firing occurred while he was away serving the country, which his lawyer now argues is a clear violation of the "Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act." School officials say the teacher presented a "checked-out attitude," like losing kids' classwork.


TRENTON - In his nearly eight years in office, Gov. Chris Christie has been covered by thousands of quality media outlets. Now he can add Mad magazine to his clip list, as his ridiculous July 4 beach trip will be featured in the upcoming "20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2017" issue.  The magazine writes: "After eight years of bluster and bullying - not to mention the Bridgegate scandal and a doomed Presidential bid - New Jersey residents have learned that Governor Chris Christie is the kind of guy they wouldn't want to hang out with, even if it was on a vast expanse of beach." Brutal stuff here, but Christie's term is up in a few short weeks. What, Chris Christie worry?

WASHINGTON - As Americans are instructed to be in awe over Melania's Christmas décor at the White House, NBC is affirming what the President has known all along: "the people's house" is "a real dump." Hundreds of work orders show mice and cockroach infestations in the West Wing, broken toilet seats in the Oval Office, and plenty of other vermin in the Situation Room, the mess hall, and the chief of staff's office.  Thanks, Obama.

It was this day in 2009 that North Korea revalued its currency for the first time in 17 years, making it worth slightly more than mud pies.


Anachronism - [uh-NAK-ruh-niz-um] - noun
Definition: A person or thing that is chronologically out of place
Example: There are some truly strange anachronisms at play. Shouldn't the public have a say on sweeping tax changes before Congress approves it?


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