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The Jaffe Briefing - November 14, 2017

ATLANTIC CITY - When government leaders across New Jersey flock to the League of Municipalities conference today, expect many to ask: So, what's the deal with all these vacant casinos? After all, casino revenue is now up around $2 billion for the year, an increase of 9 percent since last November. Yet there are now five shuttered casinos, rapidly decaying. Even the covered entrance of the former Atlantic Club came crashing down in September.  Yep, Atlantic City officials say, it's not pretty out there. But they vow lots of hush-hush stuff is in the works, and when conference attendees swing by in November 2019, or so, expect a completely different picture.
Click HERE for a complete list of all the extracurricular activities at this year's League of Municipalities conference

WOODBRIDGE - Probably one of the most approachable, friendly politicians in the state Legislature has been named Assembly Speaker. Assemblyman Craig Coughlin, of the 19th district, has gotten the thumb's up from his colleagues to become Speaker in January. It makes Coughlin the third most powerful lawmaker hashing out bills in the Statehouse, as he will soon have the power to decide which legislation gets shepherded through and what gets thrown on the trash heap. With Democrats also running the Senate and the governor's office, expect Coughlin to have a huge voice in statewide politics. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
STATEWIDE - This whole tax reform thing on Capitol Hill is hard to grasp, as Democrats and Republicans say the other side is slamming the middle class. And it remains unclear what's the point anyway, as the federal government has to raise a certain amount of taxes no matter what. But one point glaringly unfair to New Jersey is a GOP plan that would eliminate property taxes as a federal deduction. That means we would be paying taxes on money we pay for taxes. (Let that sink in.) Another bill suggests homeowners could deduct up to $10,000 in property taxes. That's better, we guess. But have you seen the typical property tax bill in New Jersey? It's way north of that number. Still waiting for a compelling argument for why this entire "reform" benefits New Jersey.

PISCATAWAY - Rutgers sports fans, rejoice. Chris Carlin will remain the voice of Rutgers football even as he replaces WFAN's Mike Francesca when the veteran loud mouth retires. Carlin, who has been Rutgers football play-by-play broadcaster since 2004 and gave the famous "Pandemonium in Piscataway" call for the 2006 Rutgers-Louisville game (a game several Jaffe Briefing writers attended and are still chirping over), will join former Jet Bart Scott and WFAN's Maggie Gray on the air starting in January, Newsday reports. Carlin is fair, honest and knows what he is talking about - a huge boon for daily sports radio.

ANYWHERE BUT JERSEY - Having a hard time meeting your soul mate? No surprise, says WalletHub.com, the free credit report providers and purveyors of clickbait. These folks are back with yet another new "study." Now they are saying New Jersey is no place for singles. Reported by NJ.com, which falls every time for WalletHub content, the "analysis" looked at 182 U.S. cities, allegedly measuring them by economics, fun and recreation, and dating opportunities. Sadly, some of the Garden State's most fetching cities fell low on this unscientific love list. The good news? We're better than West Valley City, Utah, which would seem to have a statistical edge because of all that glorious polygamy.
BUFFALO - In what could be a record in the NFL, a streaker ran for more yards than the home team. The Buffalo Bills were able to amass 69 yards on Sunday in their 47-10 loss to the New Orleans Saints. Meanwhile, a streaker, with some mad skills, sprinted from end zone to end zone, 100 yards, the Buffalo Newsreports. He was tackled upon his attempt for another 100 yards.
It was this day in 1888 that St. Andrews Golf Club opened in Yonkers with just six holes. Even so, we still couldn't break a 72. 


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Definition: Of or relating to air, gases or wind
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