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The Jaffe Briefing - November 7, 2017

If you voted for president last year, you can vote today.
Click HERE to see if you're registered
Click HERE to find your polling place
Or call 1-877-NJ-VOTER (1-877-658-6837)
ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL - All right. Finally. We are here. Election Day. If you live under a rock, and somehow still received this email, let's get you updated. Phil Murphy is running against Kim Guadagno for governor. Also, all 120 seats in the state Legislature are up for grabs. There are also candidates on the ballot for freeholder, mayor, council, and school board. There are also two ballot questions; one seeking approval to upgrade antiquated libraries, the other to ensure environmental settlements go to the towns where pollution occurred, not the general treasury. Polls are open until 8 p.m. Weather is downright perfect. Now, you are officially an educated voter. No excuses. Go vote. And bring money if there is a bake sale at your polling place.

ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL - How can anyone dismiss the fact that we may have the most expensive state legislative race in American history? It is hard to type this: $16.6 million has been blown - so far - in Senate President Steve Sweeney's district. It is all part of this spectacular war with the New Jersey Education Association and no typical voter has any clue what the big deal is. Apparently, Sweeney has been too close to Gov. Chris Christie, who leaves in January, and the union doesn't like the Senate President's efforts to reform pensions and health benefits. It's all big bucks and high stakes, apparently. But we gotta question if a State Senate seat in New Jersey is really worth $20 million or so.
YOUR TOWN - Is Trump withholding federal funds for some town's so-called Sanctuary City policies? The entire New Jersey Congressional delegation seems to think so, calling on the Justice Department to release $4 million in promised law enforcement funds. The money, part of a federal grant program, provides cash for training, personnel and equipment to fight crime and terrorism, according to NJ.com, and were due to the state on September 30. The feds hedged, saying the delay is a result of Chicago's lawsuit challenging immigration enforcement rules that were blocked in federal court in September. So, in the meantime, our police still need mandated training, personnel, and equipment to fight crime and terrorism. Who pays?

SOUTH HACKENSACK - Is that a crack pipe in Santa's pocket or is he just happy to see you? A 66-year-old man who played Santa for "Toys for Tots" drives was busted on drug charges following a traffic stop that revealed a crack pipe near his Santa suit. Santa was also in possession of hypodermic needles and other paraphernalia. Rudolph was mum on the case, but did note elves received higher-than-normal requests for baking soda, metal spoons, tealights and cigarette lighters.
BLOOMFIELD - Parents visiting their school district's website for useful information were instead greeted by ISIS-sponsored pictures of Saddam Hussein. Bloomfield officials are investigating what appears to be a hack, NJ 101.5reports, and have added added multiple layers of redundant protection and will require users to change their passwords. It's unclear whether these fixes will make it harder for ISIS to penetrate the district website, but it will certainly make it even more difficult to figure out this week's half-day school schedule.
NEW YORK - Gotta love senseless hype, and no one is better at it than Apple. There's a story in the New York Post this morning, suggesting that people book a flight to the Pacific Northwest to pick up an iPhone X, rather than wait in crazy long lines when these do-dads go on sale this weekend. Apparently, there are some Apple stores around Seattle that have the $1,000 phone on the shelves, waiting for you. There's also people in eBay selling the unlocked iPhone X for $1,500 or so. You can also just order one, and it will arrive in three or four weeks. But then - gasp - you run the awful risk of not being the first among your friends to own one.
It was this day in 2010 that Queen Elizabeth launched a Facebook page. But not one is allowed to "poke" her or befriend her. No problem there.


Logrolling - [LAWG-roh-ling] - noun
Definition: In politics, the exchange of support or favors for mutual gain; cronyism
Example: Will the new politicians elected today bring New Jersey into a new, exciting era of logrolling?

(Downright) Autumnal

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