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Morning Briefing 11/21/14


Last night's announcement from President Obama that 5 million immigrants won't immediately be deported must be a huge relief in our cities, home to many "undocumented immigrants." NJTV points to a Pew Research Center study that shows a jump in the numbers in New Jersey over the past three years, from 450,000 in 2009 to 525,000 in 2012. Immigration reform is a maddeningly complex issue, with implications on all levels. You can passionately argue any side and be absolutely correct. But, for this myopic moment in time, the President has made many families happy - and has driven his most visceral opponents into apoplectic seizures.


Has a Ponzi scheme ever worked? There is story after story of a guy living on the hog for a few years, before it all comes crashing around him, a la Bernie Madoff. NJ.com is reporting a Colts Neck man is the latest to fall, deemed the mastermind behind a $20 million scam that left a sea of victims in its wake. It is the same old story: The guy offers "guaranteed" returns, borrows from some investors to pay others, drains out millions to live like a Trump and then - suddenly - he is out of money, probably hiding in a darkened motel room, with his last good bottle of scotch and a cheap paper shredder. Investors lost $12.7 million from this "guaranteed investment."


Of all the places to relocate the Jets v. Bills game on Monday, why go to Detroit? And how could it still be a "home game" for the Bills, as the whole region is socked under a freak autumn snowstorm. "Uh, honey, I know there is seven feet of snow on our front walk and the kids haven't had fresh milk in a week, but, uh, I am borrowing Bob's Nissan Sentra to drive the guys over to Detroit for the game. It's just 250 miles or so. No biggie Uh, ok?... Honey?"


Speaking of climate change, it would show some unfair journalistic bias if we legitimize it as anything more than a component of the wacky liberal agenda. So we need to play this one straight. OK, here we go: Climate science professors will be headlining a "Mid-Atlantic Regional Climate Symposium" today at the Rutgers Climate Institute, under the topic of "Climate Change and the Tropics: Implications and Adaptation." How was that? No mention of the countless images of melting icebergs or polar bears falling through ice. No bias whatsoever.


Desperate casino execs will be closely watching a federal court ruling today that could pave the way for sports betting at the state's casinos and horse tracks. It has been a long slog with this issue, as Gov. Chris Christie has been pitted against the legal teams of the NCAA and four major professional sports leagues that want to keep the ban in place. No matter what U.S. District Judge Michael Shipp rules today, odd-makers expect the loser to appeal immediately.


A New York Times writer has decreed "Chris Christie is Back." In an interview in a Florida diner, with the governor eating nachos, the writer gives his perspective of the man who could be President, such as this gem: "When Christie becomes excited, his voice achieves the tenor of Fred Flintstone shouting over Wilma's vacuum." Read it here.

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